Monday, March 4, 2013


There has not been that much going on in my life lately. I have just been trying to survive college and everything. I went home this weekend to see my mum and dad, and grandma now that she lives with my parents. I guess I do owe you all a reasoning as to why my grandma is living with my parents.

But right now I honestly do not feel like going into it. I only got n here for a little bit before I went to sleep, for what reason I do not even remember any more. I got The Bible, some new series from The History Channel, playing in the background for me to go to sleep to. This should be entertaining. A bunch of self loathing people who hate me selves fr being human. Ahhh Christianity!

Again I am not going into something. I really need to quit giving y'all soft leads and then follow us with nothing. Sorry that is just some of my journalistic spew from work. I am becoming amply tired so goodnight.

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